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Sshh.. a secret.. we’ve decrypted the time riddle.

Greetings and salutations! Bowing, we tip our hat and welcome you to Enigma Entertainment and our miraculous live system. Here’s our welcome pack: (M 15+)

1 x Enigma Entertainment ~ ThE-BooK

1xEnigma Entertainment ~ Kindle BooK

Enigma Entertainment is built on cutting-edge fundamental systems, operating with surgical and universal precision. Pythagoras and Plato would be proud; an alphabet of numbers.

Energy flows, your number grows.

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Enigma Art

Enigma Art is; that which you may not completely understand, art of any kind. Your flower bed of ideas, a rose designed by Shakespeare. Enigma Art is when time melts.

Salvador Dali’s surrealism, M.C. Escher with his mathemagical sketching, Gaudi and architecture. Syd Barrett’s songs painted with Picasso’s brush. Your favourite movie producer creating your dreams each night.

Imag_ne beyond imagination..

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Post 2012

A twisted game in clocks we see, the truth of what you want to be.

Novelty era begins as we move towards unique and novel pleasure.  Numbers repeating in everyday life. Car number-plates, telephone numbers, dates..and this is just the beginning. Numeral technology mapping who and what you love ~ Music, Poetry, Melting Clocks. Theory of Everything is no longer a theory, but a game. The birth of true reality and timeless entertainment.

One of a kind..It’s candy for the mind.

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